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Approved Correspondence Courses

Course Name Course Number Course Link Hrs Price
Florida 4-Hour Specialty Course
(1 hour B, 1 hour C, 1 hour B, 1 hour L/S)
0802231 View Course PDF


$49.00BUY NOW


See above and below See above and below


2017 NEC Code Change Part 1
(5 hours T)
0802360 View Course PDF


$45.00BUY NOW

2017 NEC Code Change Part 2
(5 hours T)
0802361 View Course PDF


$45.00BUY NOW

False Alarms 101
(2 hours FA)
0801502 View Course PDF


$29.00BUY NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

How many continuing education hours are required to renew my license?
As of July 1, 2020, Certified Electrical Contractors and Registered Electrical Contractors have reduced continuing education hour requirements. The number of hours required for Electrical Contractors is now 11 (previously 14). Details about the new requirements are available HERE.

Do you report my hours to the Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board?
Yes, we report all continuing education results to the Florida Board.

Do you provide me with a certificate of completion when I finish the course?
Yes. Once you complete and pass the continuing education course online, you will be able to immediately print your certificate of completion.

Can I take the courses on my phone?
Yes. Our Florida continuing education courses are mobile compatible.

What do I need to do with my certificates of completion
The certificates are for your records. We will submit the hours to the state for you.

Do you renew my Florida license for me?
No. After you complete the continuing education hours, you will need to pay the Florida Electrical Contractors Licensing Board the renewal fee, as we cannot do that for you.

Do offer any continuing education training that is not online or correspondence?
We only offer online and correspondence continuing education courses in Florida. We do not offer any classroom continuing education courses in Florida. We find that most students prefer to complete their courses on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

What if I still have questions about completing my electrical continuing education?
No problem. Just call our continuing education specialists at 855-780-5046 or email us at